Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony gives you a state-of-the-art, resilient telephone system that requires no capital outlay – you pay for it on a monthly basis like any other utility.

About cloud telephony

Cloud telephony is an easy and cost-effective way of managing your business telephone system. Cloud telephony is also known as hosted telephony or VOIP (voice over internet protocol) and it simply means your business telephone system equipment is hosted securely in the cloud. It is sometimes also called a hosted PBX – a private branch exchange delivered as a hosted service.

The benefits of cloud telephony

Depending on the package you choose, cloud telephony gives you unlimited calls, call recording, conferencing and voicemail, all as standard. Cloud telephony also offers many other benefits to businesses seeking to overhaul their telephone system, including:

Paying monthly Pay each by direct debit per user per month so you only pay for what you need. The greatest benefit of hosted telephone PBX systems is the cost. There are no ongoing maintenance charges and you benefit from low installation costs too.

Plus, you won’t be paying for rent on multiple phone lines – or internal calls – so it’s far cheaper too. Your costs include a handset, a bundle of minutes (local, national and mobile), a mobile app and ongoing support.

Reduced hardware requirements All your business telephone system equipment is hosted in a secure environment in the cloud so you won’t need as much hardware on your premises as you would with a traditional system.
Scalability and flexibility Being cloud-based your business telephone system can easily grow or scale back as your business changes.
Getting going straight away With cloud telephony, new companies or new offices don’t need to wait to get their business telephone system to be installed – you can get going straight away. Hosted phones can quickly be up and running without waiting for specialist engineers.
Reduced downtime With hosted telephony your supplier looks after your business telephone system for you. That makes it far easier for you if there are any issues and downtime is reduced significantly because your supplier takes care of your system for you.
Security Cloud telephony allows you to hand over any concerns around security to your provider. Disaster recovery plans and security in your provider’s data centre means that your hosted business telephone system is totally protected.
Mobility Some hosted business telephone systems offer increased mobility such as connecting staff across different sites or offices, at home, or when they are on the move.

In addition to all the benefits above, any software updates will just take place in the background so you probably won’t even know they are happening. You can simply use your business telephone system reassured that you’re getting a great service and excellent value for money.