RSVP Case Study

RSVP is a privately owned company, providing proactive and cutting-edge contact centre solutions in Manchester and London. The company recruits staff from the vibrant community of actors in London, using their highly developed communication skills to provide a high-quality service.

One of Quexia’s oldest customers, RSVP, has worked with the company since 1996. Initially, RSVP’s London-based call centre contacted Quexia based on a business referral, and asked them to install a new telephone system to support their office move. A 64 extension Inter-Tel Axxess system was set up for RSVP to manage inbound and outbound calls. RSVP’s IT team then created bespoke software to complement the very specific way they wanted the system to work.

Since 1996 the company has grown and changed, and in 2005 and 2010 parts of the telephone system were upgraded, although some of the original equipment continues to function as well as it did over two decades ago.

RSVP’s priority was to introduce new telephone technology for quality control purposes. The most recent solutions that have been installed at RSVP include:

– MiContact Centre Office
The MiContact Centre Office provides efficient monitoring, managing and routing of inbound and outbound calls and is an ideal solution for small to medium-sized call centres. It offers historical and real-time management reporting and also call recording for business insights and regulatory compliance. It connects companies with the right person on the first try, every time.

– Mitel Call Recorder
The Mitel Call Recorder provides valuable insights into every interaction on 64 extensions at RSVP. The company can quickly capture, archive, organise, playback and share voice documentation. Plus, it can be used for training purposes for improved customer service, fraud prevention and dispute resolution.

Managers at RSVP are able to listen to staff calls, either live or recorded, for quality assurance purposes. MiContact Centre Office also provides managers with call logging reporting, allowing them to see the number of calls waiting, answered and made, along with staff efficiency rates and billing details.

Further benefits experienced by RSVP include:

  • Consultancy and support
    RSVP has trusted Quexia to manage its business telephone systems for over 20 years and has an annual support contract with the company for peace of mind. The two companies speak regularly on the telephone and meet face-to-face at least once a year, more so if a large project is underway. According to RSVP’s Managing Director, Mark Abernethy: “If we ever need anything telephone-related we always turn to Quexia. There’s no looking elsewhere – they always come back to us quickly with timescales, costs and a recommended solution. We pick up the phone to them any hour of the day and they are always able to help.”
  • Positive return on investment

RSVP has seen an excellent return on its investment in business telephone equipment over the years, with much of the backward compatible original kit still in perfect working order. It also blends seamlessly with the new equipment that has been introduced – and new kit can continue to be added with ease.

  • A flexible solution
    When RSVP grew the business, the MiContact Centre Office was able to easily expand to meet demand from increased user numbers – without requiring additional investment. In addition, new extensions are often required on an ad-hoc basis around the office depending on the types of projects the company takes on – and Quexia is able to support these using IP telephone technology. 

“As one of our oldest customers and with a relationship dating back to the 1990s, we are delighted to still be working with RSVP. Some of our equipment was installed at RSVP in around 2005 and it’s still in perfect working order, so their investment has paid for itself time and time again. They are extremely happy with the service we provide and they are a great team to work with.”
Lee Kelly, Managing Director, Quexia