Norsk Case Study


Norsk is a privately owned independent company with over 25 years’ experience in the international distribution and delivery sector. It offers a comprehensive set of export and import services worldwide.

In 1999, Norsk approached Quexia for support with its telephone systems. The company who had provided its previous system had left the industry and as a result, Norsk needed to find a new supplier to support its growing business. Further to the knowledge and expertise provided, Quexia soon became Norsk’s trusted telephone system supplier and support team.

In September 2015, and after over a decade working together, Norsk decided to review its telephone network and asked the team at Quexia to propose a replacement solution. The telephone network that was in place had become outdated and with new airports opening across the UK, they wanted to be able to link their airport offices together. Norsk was also keen to introduce call recording for training purposes and evidence to support customer delivery disputes.

Quexia spent time with the IT team at Norsk, finding out their telephone system challenges and objectives. Quexia then recommended the Mitel HX5000, which has since been superseded by the latest version, the Mitel MiVoice Office 250, now fully installed across company sites.

The MiVoice Office 250 provides access to the latest in IP phones, productivity enhancing applications and mobility solutions to support employees on the go. It also supports digital handsets and can re-use existing wiring.

Installation took place over the course of just one weekend and Quexia provides Norsk with an annual support package.

Delighted with the results and the extended functionality they now experience, Norsk has seen the following benefits as a result of installing the MiVoice Office 250.

  • Increased resilience
    If calls to the Heathrow office go down, the MiVoice Office 250 automatically diverts them to the East Midlands office and then back to Heathrow, so no calls are missed, business continues as usual and customers are always looked after.
  • Disputes are resolved with recorded evidence
    Using the call recording feature installed by Quexia, Norsk is able to record telephone calls for staff training and also for evidence of conversations that took place to help with delivery disputes. Transcripts can be sent to customers so they can see what was said during the call.
  • Free of charge calls across sites

Calls between Norsk’s Heathrow and East Midlands sites are within the same network and as a result are free of charge. In addition, customers can be transferred smoothly between departments across sites without having to dial a new number.

Quexia supports the Norsk IT team with any moves, adds or changes to the system and can always get to either site within four hours if any issues occur. Norsk is also constantly expanding and often has new storage locations and pop-up offices in international locations, which Quexia supports them with, using VOIP telephones.

Norsk has recently renewed its contract with Quexia, testament to the outstanding products and services it receives from the company.

“We have worked closely with Norsk for many years. They place their trust in us and often ask us for telecommunications advice. We are pleased to have been able to help them with their system overhaul and look forward to supporting them with further technical updates and support for many years to come.”
Lee Kelly, Managing Director, Quexia

“The solutions from Quexia, in particular the call recording functionality for dispute resolution, have paid for themselves time and time again. Our telephone systems are also now far more resilient, enabling us to offer an improved experience to our customers.

The advice and service we have received over the years from Lee and his team have allowed Norsk to grow without adding to our costs.  We now embrace home working and this is seamless via our Mitel system.  Having the ability to call and transfer to an extension regardless of the recipient’s location, is a huge plus.  Having a home worker on an extension also means they don’t feel excluded from our main hub.

As new communication methods become as important as voice, we are now looking to bring those into the Quexia reporting tools. Quexia are an easy company to work with and I fully recommend them”
Nigel Meeking, Company Owner, Norsk